3 Reasons to Buy Smile 123’s Ortho Bundle Now

Smile 123 Bracket Bundle

3 Reasons to Buy Smile 123’s Ortho Bundle Now

3 Reasons to Buy Smile 123’s Ortho Bundle Now

Ortho Bundle Offer – $95!


The Team at Smile 123 gets feedback from our clients all the time. We receive requests about specials and bulk pricing. We try our best to offer our orthodontists the best supplies and at the best price. Here’s are three reason why you should take advantage of our Ortho Bracket Bundle package.

Save Money

Our Bracket Bundle Offer will save you over 15%.

Our Orthodontic Metal Bondable Brackets are regularly a 20 pc kit listed for $14.80.  SuperFlex Nickel Titanium Archwires  are listed for 100 pcs listed at $49.95.  Our Distal Cinch Back Pliers, Slim Head are 1 listed for 25.95.  If you purchase before March 1st you will get a Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive 5g Syringe for only $19.89 that is listed for 23.95.

Easy to Order

Our Bracket Bundle is Easy to Order.  One click gets you all the supplies you need.  Click here to check out our offer.

Save Time

With our Bracket Bundle, you don’t have to search for the supplies you need.  We have made it easy for you; the supplies you need and the pricing you want, all in one click.

Check out our Bracket Bundle Offer here.


If you have any questions about this offer or other supplies you made need, please give us a call at  (631) 464-4292