3 Ways to Save when purchasing Online Dental Supplies

3 Ways to Save when purchasing Online Dental Supplies

3 Ways to Save when purchasing Online Dental Supplies

3 Ways to Save when purchasing Online Dental Supplies

Smile 123 Dental Supply is an online market place where Orthodontists can order the supplies they need to run their practice. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.  We wanted to share with you 3 Ways to Save money when you order you Dental Supplies Online.

Three Ways to Save Money Online


Online Dental Suppliers will always offer specials on their products. At Smile 123 we offer specials every month. You can see one here.

The easiest way to see if there are any current specials from a supplier is type the term “Special” or “Specials” in the site’s search bar. You can see our search bar below.  Just type in Special in our search bar and all our current specials will pop up. This is a quick way to save some money on supplies.

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Most Online stores offer a way to sign up for Deals.  These deals are usually only offered to online customers and Dentists who have joined the email group.  Emails are sent out every month.  At Smile 123, you can navigate to the bottom of our site and sign up for our Specials. You will receive great offers that are only for the group.  A great way to save money.

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This tip is a little different but definitely has it’s benefits. If you have a product that you use every day and have to restock on a weekly or monthly basis; buy the product in bulk.  Even though these are tips for purchasing online, we are going to recommend that you contact the supplier directly.  You can call or you can use the contact page, and request to be contacted.  When you speak to the supplier, ask for price breaks when ordering more than one.  At Smile 123, Orthodontists call us all the time to purchase products in quantity.  Buying in bulk will get you a great deal.  On our website, you can click on the Contact page and send us a message or you can call us.  Our phone number is located on the bottom left our our site.

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If you have any questions, you can send us message from our Contact Page or you can call us at 631-464-4292