Kromopan Value Pack

Kromopan Value Pack

Kromopan Value Pack

Kromopan Value Pack

To make things a little easier, we have bundled a Kromopan Value Pack for you.

Our pack includes:

1 Pouch Kromopan Alginate

1 Mixing Bowl

1 Spatula

1 Package Disposable Impression Tray


If you purchased these items separately, it would be $41.15.  With our Special Kromopan Value pack, you can purchase all 4 products for only $35.95.  That’s over a 15% Savings.  Our Special Package offer expires, June 15th, 2018.


Kromopan Alginate

The first ever alginate with a chromatic phase indicator: Purple/Pink/White
Class-A, type 1 alginate, Easy to mix, Thixotropic, Extra-fast, in-mouth minimum setting time: 30 seconds, High accuracy: 20 micron,  Long dimensional stability: 168 hours, Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant,
Mint flavor, Dust free.

Impressions taken with Kromopan will remain dimensionally stable for 168 hours if stored in a Safe-lock Bag without adding water. Kromopan can be used to prepare the following impressions:
mobile prostheses
removable and fixed prostheses antagonist
preliminary models
study models

Re-order # 100-255

Mixing Bowl & Spatula

Spectrum series Mixing Bowl, are made of soft polypropylene material, 350cc medium capacity.
Spectrum series Spatulas made of soft Nylon.

Bowl – BLUE Re-order # 100-330
Bowl – GREEN Re-order # 100-331
Bowl – YELLOW Re-order # 100-332
Bowl – Ruby RED Re-order # 100-333
Spatula- Blue Re-order # 100-326
Spatula- Green Re-order # 100-327
Spatula- Yellow Re-order # 100-328
Spatula- Ruby Red Re-order # 100-329



Disposable Impression Trays

Made of Durable polypropylene material, Reinforced Handle, Rim Lock Edge, Assured good fit, Disposable

6 sizes available

Color Coded Sizing for easy identification, for both Upper / Lower arches.

50 trays per package


Small Upper (blue)
re-order # 100-229

Small Lower (blue)
re-order # 100-230

Medium Upper (green)
re-order # 100-231

Medium Lower (green)
re-order #100-232

Large Upper (yellow)
re-order # 100-233

Large Lower (yellow)
re-order # 100-234

X-Large Upper (purple)
re-order # 100-235

X-Large Lower (purple)
re-order #100-236

X-Small Lower (orange)
re-order # 100-228

X-Small Upper (orange)
re-order # 100-227

Re-order #100-225

re-order # 100-226


Follow this link to the order page:  Value Pack

When you order, in Special Instructions, please let us know what color bowl, spatula and tray you would like.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 631-464-4242