Detailing Step Plier

Detailing Step Plier


  • Smile123Dent pliers:
  • Are made of high quality surgical grade Stainless Steel, accept all sterilization methods.
  •  One Year Warranty
  • Description


Smile123Dent Pliers

  • Step pliers are designed to make it easier for clinicians to create Z-bends in archwire.
  • step pliers, also known as detailing pliers or bayonet bending pliers, are best used extraorally on wire up to .022 x 0.25&(.53 mm x .64 mm).
  • The pliers feature double-sided offset beaks to create a right-hand or left-hand step-up or step-down in wire at 1/2-mm, 3/4-mm, or 1-mm intervals.
  • Reorder # 501-123HD